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Piles of commercial-real-estate loans at banks may be worth just 77 cents on the dollar — if that

The swift collapse of Silicon Valley Bank earlier in March put a spotlight on potentially painful losses lurking in commercial-real-estate loans on their books. It also sparked debate over what piles of older loans on commercial properties might be worth now that low interest rates and peak real-estate prices have vanished, and as stress in the […]

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Google Bard’s Travel Planning Capability Is Same as ChatGPT’s — Unimpressive

Google released limited access  essentially its own version of ChatGPT, earlier this week. If today were six months ago, it would be more exciting. But compared to what is available today, the chatbot’s abilities are not particularly impressive. I joined the Bard waitlist and was granted access shortly after, so I tried it out. Like […]


Q&A: Inside Accor’s Bespoke Growth Strategy for Greater China

With the easing of Beijing’s zero-Covid policy, mobile-savvy Chinese tourists are driving a resurgence in domestic hospitality bookings. According to STR, the gold standard for hotel performance benchmarking Already a leading player among non-Chinese global hospitality companies in the region, Accor has been gearing up for this domestic tourism boom by accelerating its growth strategy, […]